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The vision of our activity is to engage the participants in meaningful session for the exploration on scientific advancements. In order for this model to succeed, speakers or participants need to adhere to a set of instructions and guidelines.


1. Time Allocation

Presentation Type Total Allotted Time
Keynote Presentation 40 min
Invited Presentation 30 min
Regular Oral Presentation  15 min


Each presentation includes 5 minutes for preparation and Q&A / discussion. A Warning will be given when 5 mins left.

All presenters are requested to reach the session room prior to the schedule time and complete their presentation on time.

2. Presentation Preparation

Presentation format: PPT file with the file named: Paper ID + Session;

Each slide should be concise, uncluttered and readable from a distance; include only key words and phrases for visual reinforcement. Avoid lengthy text;

Kindly send the final version of the PPT files via the contact email address at least 2 weeks before traveling to conference venue. If you are unable to send it, you can always upload your presentation (save the presentation on a USB Flash drive) at the lectern during the break preceding your scheduled presentation. The USB Flash drive will be scanned before transferring the presentation to the presentation folder.

Laptop, video projector, and laser pointer with remote control will be provided by the organizing committee;

Signed and stamped presentation certificate would be issued by the session chair or assistant after the presentation is delivered;

Once you have completed your presentation, the PPT will be permanently removed.

3. Speaker Standards

Speakers Attire: Speakers are strongly encouraged to dress in business formals during presentations. Speakers should be well knowledgeable and experts in the presentation area to meet the audience.

Presentation Skills: Presentation would definitely be a topic of importance during conference session. Speakers should rehearse well in advance for the successful presentation with time management.

No Commercial Advertisement: No commercial advertisements are allowed during the session.


4. Best Oral Presentation Selection

Each session will select one Best Oral Presentation; please ensure your Paper ID (2ICML****) is shown correctly on the first or last page at your presentation data.

This award consists of free registration to the next 2ICML Conference and a certificate.

Selection Criteria

A best presentation will be selected from each session based on the following items:

  • Research Quality

  • Presentation Performance

  • Presentation Language

  • Interaction with Listeners

  • PowerPoint Design

Selection Procedure

An assessment sheet will be delivered to listeners before the session starts;

When the session finishes, each listener is required to fill out the sheet (he/she can vote for two excellent presentations) and give it to the Session Chair;

The Session Chair will count the votes and select one best oral presentation with more votes. If there is a tie, the Session Chair will make the final decision.

5. Conference Attendance/Cancellation

We strongly encourage speakers to notify the office immediately in the event of an absence from presenting a registered session so that we will take action accordingly.