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2ICML-22 (Virtual) Conference photos

Some speeches will not be publicly with the requirement of the speaker, so kindly contact the speaker directly when you have questions.

Speaker One: Prof. Brij B. Gupta (bbgupta@asia.edu.tw)

International Center for AI and Cyber Security Research and Innovations & Professor of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE)

Asia University, Taiwan
Title: Cyber Security & Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Opportunities and Future Challenges

Speaker Two: Prof. Lin William Cong (will.cong@cornell.edu)

Goal-Oriented Search for Finance and Beyond, Cornell University | DEFT Lab | NBER, USA

Title: Goal-Oriented Search for Finance and Beyond

Speaker Three: Dr. Ganesh Khekare (khekare.123@gmail.com)

Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology, India.
Networking Towards Data Science